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Got the right type of broadband?

Remember my earlier post about broadband? It’s a subject that a lot of people either don’t know about, or think they know about. I know, because in my previous job I was one of the guys on the end of the phone in a business ISP. The sheer amount of people calling up about broadband speeds was frightening, with some… Read more →

The truth about broadband

I used to work for an ISP and I’ve had up-close and personal experience of both customers and the BT Wholesale side of things. It’s been a number of years since I worked there and now I’m seeing more and more people switching across to FTTC, commonly known as “Infinity” according the BT. However, there’s massive problems which I’m dearly… Read more →

ADSL Speed tests are arse..

This is why those speed test sites should be ignored. These two tests were done 30 seconds apart. Same server, same ISP, same everything. The truth is, if you get bucket loss of people downloading bucket loads of data there will be contention, which means rubbish results which should never be believed. Test 1, around 14Mbps… Test 2, around 4Mbps…… Read more →