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Hit and run…

Now, I’ve got no real idea what’s going on here but this looks to be a couple of drivers in Chicago, USA who really aren’t getting on all that well. The driver in the black car doesn’t seem to have a fantastic grip on the whole “driving” business, but somehow – after getting provoked and indeed attacked by the taxi… Read more →

Keeping an eye on the scammers

We’re part of the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme. It’s pretty good and gives you a reason for being generally nosey. The Police send you information on anything happening by email and recently we were informed about several scams by “Eastern Europeans” in the local area. One involved people asking for the time in supermarket car-parks (after watching someone entering their… Read more →

There’s bad parking, then there’s this

I follow the @yplac account on Twitter. I won’t say exactly what it stands for, but it’s all about people who can’t park properly. This one goes way and beyond just not being able to park in the lines correctly though. Epic. I don’t know whether to congratulate the driver or not though. I mean, that’s a pretty tight “space”… Read more →

The Google self-drive car. We can do this here in the UK, now!

So, Google have got a licence from the state of Nevada for their driverless car. Here in the UK I doubt it would cope with the round-abouts and increased traffic, so I’ve been thinking. How about a slimmed-down version here in Britain? Remove the overly stupid things on the roof and restrict these to just the hard-shoulder of Britains motorways… Read more →

The Magic Tree pain

My son managed to stick this in our shopping trolley and has stuck it in my car. Trouble is, he took the outer wrapping straight off, and with yesterday being fairly wet I’ve driven around with the full force of a brand-new orange magic tree in my face. It’s not just your sense of smell that gets attacked either. Yours… Read more →