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The countdown to the #EUref – Ben Goldacre

The following is by Ben Goldacre. Full credit to him and do visit his site at www.badscience.net Why I am voting Remain. by Ben Goldacre, aged 41. A smaller democracy will not be  “more representative”. The UK government is no more under your control than the EU. Diluting your vote one in 65m or one in 500m amounts to the… Read more →

The countdown to the #EUref – Immigration

Most of the migrants living in the UK do not come from Europe. This video is 5 minutes long. It’s from Migration Observatory, which is basically the University of Oxford. They provide independent, authoritative, evidence-based analysis of data on migration and migrants in the UK. No bullshit. No spin. Just give it 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes. Read more →