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Situation report – Virgin Media, a month in

Bloody hell. The speed is great, the TV service is OK.. but… oh dear, everything else has just been terrible. The On Demand wasn’t working for days on end, so I complained. They eventually fixed it. Then parts of it broke again and, days later, it’s still not fixed. This is how things are tonight. Access to Facebook has broken… Read more →

npower – Can it get any worse? Yes, yes it can

Four days ago I wrote about npower. I’ll give you the short version. Basically, npower chose to whack up their prices so we decided to leave and switch to another provider. We successfully moved in November and switched across to Scottish Power. Days later npower made nearly 1,500 people redundant. Time went by. npower told me that my final bill… Read more →

The adventures of an unhappy npower customer

Last year we decided to change our electricity and gas supplier. npower, our supplier at the time, had put our prices up and, after checking on a comparison site, I decided to go with someone else. The competitor was offering a fixed plan and it was cheaper deal so we changed. We moved across on November 26th and, to be… Read more →