Scam Spam

Spam is a bigger problem than ever, and shows no sign of slowing. In fact, get your head around these figures if you want to know how much of a problem it is…

It was reported by recently that the amount of Spam received in July 2003 was GREATER than the amount of spam captured during the WHOLE OF 2002!

Now… I can put up with the fake diplomas, free holidays, viagra, englargement pills, stock “tips”, credit cards, debt-control programmes, vitamins, ink-cartridges, obesity pills, training packages, refinancing deals, mortgage offers, life assurance packages, cable scramblers, porn sites, webcams, “lose weight while you sleep” pills, free meals, casino web sites, “your cheque is waiting” offers, “tax eliminators”, mini-web-cams, free digital cameras, singles-web-sites, US “hacked” satellite dish things, mosquito stoppers, cash bonuses, 3 wheeled scooters, “verify your order” mails, free DVD’s and even those spam-emails that offer spam-blocking software (how stupid is THAT?)…

…but THIS one below is the oldest, most annoying email. It’s the classic “Nigerian” scam and is constantly being tweaked and added to. It is estimated that, at any one time, there are several business-men hanging around stations or airports in London ready to give over several thousand pounds to some con-artist. Do not fall prey to these emails!!! Also, if you ever see a spam email saying, “click here to opt out of this list” DO NOT CLICK ON IT! This link will actually verify you as a functioning email address, and you’ll get more than ever before!!!

This email is one of the worst – DO NOT FALL PREY TO THIS RUBBISH!

Email: [email protected]

Dear Friend,

I know this letter might be a suprise to you as we don’t know ourselves before but be sure it is real and a genuine business.I’m Mr Thomson  Kudoh, a Sierra-Leonian born 25 years ago Presently seeking political Asylum in Spain as (REFUGEE).I got your contact while seriously browsing through internet in search of a trustworthy person, I want to take you into confidence because of your position. I’m counting on your honesty, trustworthiness and reliability on this issue I am about to disclose to you.

My father (Late) Dr. Alfred W.Kudoh was an International Businessman,he was assassinated by the rebels during the civil war in my country, but I narrowly escaped with the help of some(ECOMOG)soldiers.

Before his sudden death, He deposited a Consignment containing sum of($US15.500,000.00) Fifteen Million,Five Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars with a security and finance company in Spain as family treasure using my name as next of kin.
When I called on the security and finance company for claims, I was told by the Manager of the Company that my  late father attached a clause to his file the day the consignment were deposited with them stating that *I MUST SEEK FOREIGN PARTNER ASSISTANCES IN MOVING THIS CONSIGNMENT*.

The above reasons is why I want you to assist me with your influence to facilitate the removal of the Consignment as the beneficiary so that you will make an arrangement for me to re-settle in your country. Once we are there you will help to invest the fund on any profitable business for me.

I feel confident therefore, to introduce this offer to you. For your participation and assistances regarding this transaction,I have decided to give you 25percent(%) of the total money,and 5percent(%) mapped out for any miscelleneous expenses that may occurred during the transaction and the remaining for me which you will use  to invest any profitable business for me.

Conclusively,If accepted by you, I will send you the certificate of deposit issued to my father by the security company as an evidences.Therefore, you will be requested to furnish me immediately your FULL NAMES and CONTACTS(Telephone/Fax) to institute the necessary documents making you the legal beneficiary to the stated funds.With your immediate compliance this transaction will take 14 working days to accomplished.

Note that this transaction is 100% risk free and will not negatively in anyway affects your status in the society.

Treat as urgent because I’m in a very desperate situation, I have seen too much agony in my life in the on going crisis in that nation of mine call Sierra Leone. My late father’s villa was burnt down, I lost my mother and my two younger sisters. Please I don’t want to go back to that, I need your help to get back to life.

Awaiting your earnest response via this email:  [email protected]  OR Telephone: 00XX XXX XXX XXX.

With Regards,

Thomson Kudoh