Yet another boiling hot day here in Ye Olde England and I’m stuck inside working hard(ish).

Everything was OK until someone told me about the start of the Munich Oktoberfest and sent me this link with the picture on the right.

Now the afternoon is turning into a never-ending cycle of beer day-dreaming… And people wonder why every girlfriend I have ever had has been a barmaid. This, my friends, is why….

1) Female (always a good start in my book)
2) Brings me beer

…. and that’s about it. Once you start going out with the barmaid, things improve even more – you get beer faster (‘cus they serve you first) and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get the beer free. There are many many other fringe benefits which go along with it, but I’m sure you’ll know what they are.

The image on the right sums it up… and please, no jokes about “jugs” or the head left on the beers (she gives good…. etc)..

Soo hot.. 38 degrees C now….Need beer… need beer…

I think I’m losing it – I’m actually surfing on and trying to figure out if I can redirect calls to my Smartphone and maybe take a laptop outside. But wait – I’ve just found a website dedicated to the Swedish chef from The Muppets .. how fantastic is that eh?
Other useless links I’ve found this afternoon (thanks to FHM a bit) are….

Defend your town – Info about a certain un-named town that I live near says, “The filthy streets, the unwashed masses, the charming local accent that makes us sound as though we were born retarded and have been drinking turpentine every day since then… These are the best aspects of …..” :) I’ll leave you guessing.. :)
Check out what it says about your town and defend it by clicking here. (UK)

Excellent, excellent, excellent. This is more like it. A page of UK speed cameras which have been smashed, bashed and burned. Hurrah!