Totally unrelated…

There’s a soap on TV here in the UK called “Brookside” – it was very popular at one time, and people watched it in their millions. Now, however – it has been pushed into a late-night slot as viewing figures drop. However, Channel 4 have a teen-soap called “Hollyoaks” – which is going from strength to strength. The programme features a large array of stunningly beautiful girls – all of which makes essential viewing.

Sure, it’s copying the “Baywatch” formula to a degree (good looking boys and girls in flimsy plot lines), but it makes for damned good Sunday-morning TV fodder. :)

Each year the viewing figures sky-rocket further when the “Hollyoaks Babes” Calendar is released. Here, on my right, is Miss Gemma Atkinson – who plays Lisa Hunter in the soap. All I can say is… Wowser….

Actually, I wasn’t going to publish this story at all, but I had so many people ask me about the “Keep Britain Tidy” story that I figured “aaaahh – what the hell” … :)

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