What I watched last night

/Rant start

There are some truly terrible “made for TV” movies out there, but I have to admit that “Atomic Train”, which was on BBC1 here in the UK at 11.15 last night (Monday) has to be amongst the worst movies ever.

Featuring “that bird from Sex in the City” and Rob Lowe, this was the biggest pile of arse dribble I have ever seen on TV. In fact, I think this review sums it up nicely. I thought that it was a bad comedy for most of the movie, but I slowly realised that no – they didn’t MEAN it to be funny. Really – it is THAT bad. I don’t think, even when watching weird cable channels in different countries, that I have ever seen any film that is as laughable, far-fetched and stupid as this!

Also, if you’re a UK resident you’ll no doubt have heard that Mr Chris Moyles has taken over the breakfast show on Radio 1. Oh and it is good… :) I must admit that his comments about this god-awful “All this time” tune by Pop Idol winner Michelle were spot on. It IS an absolute copy of previous Pop Idol winner Will Young’s “Evergreen” tune. Stop buying this pants and buy some quality tuneage instead! The UK Top Ten Singles Chart contains more rubbish than a refuse tip at the minute. Buy something good !! Rarr rarr rarrr… (Moan, whinge, groan)..

/Rant end…