A little off topic…

My European friends, come close.. come close.. Let’s all have a discussion about the Eurovision Song Contest .. yeah ? Sorry to our readers from outside the EU – just tune out for a bit..

Let’s admit it… Go on, let’s be brave – what a big bag of toss it is. Crappy songs, obvious voting and strange clothing. Somehow, this bird on the right won, although she acted like some excited cave woman after taking several dozen illegal pills.

Whilst I admit that putting a TV programme out across the whole of Europe and Russia is a good idea, it’s so… soo….. sooooooooo … bad. Sure, it’s miles better than lots of US TV I’ve seen (although I did spend 20 minutes watching adverts on a recent trip to the US as I flicked around looking for decent TV shows)… Wait – I’m turning into an old person.. :) :) :)

I should’ve just put a Jackie Chan DVD on..

That Sky TV remote just makes me too lazy. I can flick around and watch channels from the UK, China, USA, Asia and yet I’m watching channel 211 – ACTV… Caribbean Television… how relaxed is this? The camera is all over the place, the sound is bad and the presenters aren’t quite sure what’s going on …. it’s fantastic. Look – people playing steel drums on the beach, drinking bottles of Carib. “Yeah man, right now we have the smooth sounds comin’ at you live from St Lucia” …. Fantastic….

Why am I sitting here typing rubbish and watching TV on a Saturday evening ? Well, the missus is in Toronto (she’s a stewardess, which kinda explains why I have the time to do this site!) ….. wait a minute …….. BabeStation TV is on the other side…… hmmmmmmmmmmmm……………