We wuz robbed!

So.. England go out. After 2 hours of sheer stress, we’re out.. I’ll try not to mention the ref, Urs Meier (please, visit his site and leave some comments).. and we’ll try not to well on what could’ve been (good to see Rooney trying to play on with no boot, even though he’d smashed his ankle up)..

I’ll just give you a selection of pictures that have been flung around the email today. I’m not having a go or being un-patriotic, just trying to lift everyones’ spirits…. :)

Oh, and I’ll share with you an early joke that was sent in…

“Apparently Beckham is debating his future in sport …

He’s either going to join the English Rugby Team for Conversion Kicks (see below), or he’ll move into golf as a caddy … seems he has a gift with divets ….”

Oh, and there’s this Ebay.co.uk auction and there’s also this interesting FBI Most Wanted poster.