I gotta post this, I just gotta!!

I love the B3ta.com website, it’s nuts. It’s a big forum where graphic artists post their creations – mostly tweaked photos and news images – with hilarious results.

Now, every Friday they have a “Friday newsletter”. I only got mine today, but it’s a doosey.. Check out these links. I was so impressed by the eSure video that I converted it down and put it in the downloads section so you can copy it to your Smartphone and show your mates down the pub. It royally rocks… :)

Now, Death Wish director Michael Winner is probably better-known in the UK for his recent “e-Sure” adverts. So cultishly popular are they that they’ve inspired this rather special hard-dance tribute.
Click here for the big original video or if you prefer, right-click here and choose “Save Target As” for the Smartphone version (tested on a C500) and show your mates. Bass in yer face!

Other links include these mental “card-stackers” and these nutters, who must be given a prize for innovation after finding a new use for their Brita water filter. They put nearly two litres of crappy, cheap vodka through one and then held a tasting session to see how smooth they could get it! The good news is, it seems to work – although at the end of it their judgement could’ve been impaired by the several glasses of vodka. :) I’m off to Asda and grab a bottle of Smartprice Vodka !

Oh, and while I’m wasting front-page space, let’s hear that real words from the U2 song eh!?