Sweaty curry

So I guess that was a pretty good weekend. Aside from the idiot who decided to plonk two hUuuuUUuuuUuuGgggGGEE wide-loads on the M6 at 5.30pm on a Friday. Clever. They took up two lanes, plus they were doing about 25mph, so everyone – trucks and lorries – were moving into the outside lane to get around them. Ever item of traffic on the M6 on one lane… GRR!!!! Thanks to whoever decided that Friday evening was the best time to do this – I wasn’t moving at all when this was snapped…

..so after battling through that lovely traffic I spent Saturday doing various bits of DIY and mending some broken stuff on CoolSmartPhone. It was mid-way through the afternoon when my darling girlfriend (soon to be wife in about a year!) said, “Don’t forget we’re going out tonight”. Now me, being a bloke, can’t remember being told about this or ever discussing it – however she then said, “I’m driving”.

Hoho! Sorted!

We’re off for a curry and arrive at a fairly posh curry-house not too far away. It wasn’t licensed, so we had to nip up to the local Bargain Booze and get some drinks in first. This particular branch of Bargain Booze was quite classy because there were actually customers looking at and buying wine! The Bargain Booze I normally go into usually has about a dozen teenagers huddled around the cider and super-strength-treacle-tasting-export-lager section, all trying to figure out who’s going to attempt to purchase the booze with their fake ID. So, I’ve grabbed a four-pack of Carlsberg and the cheapest bottle of wine possible with the poshest-looking label on it (I’m sure most blokes do this – get the cheapest wine with the best-looking label to fool the missus. Can you beat the 3.19 bottle I got eh ?) On the way out my assumption that this was a fairly sophisticated “Bargain Booze” (if that’s possible?) shop got rubbished as I found their “selection” of adult DVD’s by the door. I’m not going to mention any of the titles, but they were a bit funny…

So, after several pints of booze the world is a better place, we’ve scoffed our meal and then we’re having a crackin’ time in some bar / nightclub we’ve found. I’m happy drinking away, sat on some plush leather sofa thing and chatting to everyone about life in general. I’m feeling so good I even bought a round!!! Yes! Me! Usually I’m the one who does the “oh look, my shoelace is undone”-trick when entering a pub – but not today. Look, Em even had some posh cocktail thing…

Anyways, I got up, went to the bog and came back into the bar. Now, I’ve had a right snotty-arse cold for quite a while now. I call it a “Man Flu” but despite me mentioning my Man Flu to the missus, she reckons I’ve just got “a slight cold”.. Pah! What do these women know eh ? Anyway… I felt my nose going a bit “runny” and figured I had a bit of a snot problem. Ooooh no. It wasn’t. I was having a nose-bleed. The biggest, longest nosebleed ever. I don’t often get one so I didn’t know what to do. Head forward and pinch ? Head back and something else? Either way, I’m off back to the toilet again when I bump into the bouncers….

“You alright mate? Where are they?”

…the guys thought I’d been in a fight! Heheheh :) After a good ten minutes in the bathroom I was fine again though, but it was extremely weird. In fact, you’d think it may have slightly slowed down my drinking, but after having a very hot “Al Shieks” curry I needed as much cold beer as I could. I’m always saying don’t do it, and I always promise myself never to do it again, but I was absolutely leathered. :)

The next morning was an “experience”. Why is it that you always sweat curry the day after you’ve had one? It seems to ooze out of your pores somehow. Not nice. :)