Campaign Update – Kill the frog!

We hate “the frog”, we hate everything to do with this annoying toss. It’s therefore great to see this news story which states that mainstream TV-Channel ITV is “reviewing” the Jamster campaign after a flood of complaints have come in.

Complaints were originally made to the Advertising Standards Authority – however they are unable to act, as they only control the content of ads, which is deemed to be fine. Now viewers are complaining to the TV channels themselves, stating that the advert is annoying and it’s repeated too many times – especially now at peak viewing slots.

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But wait – don’t get too excited – it looks like the frog will be at number 1 in the charts very soon, all thanks to those lovely people in Stupidville, who’ve paid 10 mILLiOn quid for the ringtone already.. now they’re prepared to dance around like loons to the CD…

I worry about people at times.. they’re all feckin’ mad…