Crazy Frog Campaign Update 3

Normally I’m not too annoyed by TV adverts. Yes, that damned frog (right) needs shooting – sure, but to moan about the KFC commercial because it features some people with mouths full? Now that’s a bit sad really.. There’s more examples of complaints on the Advertisting Standards website… however, we’re quite pleased to see that yet again the Crazy Frog is getting complaints.

Originally people complained about the Frog because his “parts” were showing on TV. Now however they’re complaining here because around 200 people feared the Jamster commercial was targeting children as potential subscribers for its (highly expensive) ringtone service (don’t forget that when you buy it you sign yourself up to oodles of adverts and more ringtones, all charged at crazy rates). 600 more people thought the cartoon character and his accompanying tune were on screen too often – or found it simply “annoying”.


Come on, let’s all contact the Advertising Standards Authority and get this toilet off the TV. If there’s one thing that the British do well, it’s moan and whinge, so let’s do that now! :)