Some more email goodies

Right, really quick I’d just like to mention some of the stuff I get through the email. Today it’s this guy, who’s trying out the new “Webcam Karaoke” …ermmm… “craze” that’s apparently sweeping the nation. People sing along to songs and record themselves doing it. Bizarre, strange, boring perhaps.. but not this guy. Here he is singing along to some god-aweful Euro-pop track with great gusto.

Oh, and while I remember. Can I just say, “Stop it you stupid idiot, nobody believes you” to all those gents who put their day-glow flourescent green jackets on the back parcel shelf of their cars? I’m seeing this more and more as I travel up and down the lovely M6 in Staffordshire as the drivers of said cars attempt to fool people into believing that they are in fact a traffic cop. Think about it will you. Would a traffic cop, in an UNMARKED car REALLY put his flourescent jacket on the rear parcel shelf for all to see? No. I don’t think so. A bit of a give-away that’d be.

And finally, this excellent tribute to Sheriff John Bunnell, who I’ve mentioned in my blog before. If you’re a fan of “World Wildest Police Chases” or one of its spin-offs then you’ll know what I’m talking about..