What Football? I was watching Back to the Future!

What a rubbish day I’m having so far. The bank have “lost” 1500 quid which was supposed to go onto the credit card. They tell me to call the credit card company as, “you paid it out over a week ago”, so they should have some record of receiving it. The credit card company say they don’t know anything about the payment and I need to contact… (go on, guess)… yes.. the bank. Ping pong ping pong…

Add to that the regular stoopid “I’m in lane 3 on the M6 and I’m doing 70mph. There’s quite clearly no need to move over, even though the other lanes are available, because I own a BMW / Merc / White Van” people this morning. Oh, and the rain… Oh.. and the football. Come on England! What was that all about?

Actually I must confess. Not only did I miss the pub last night, but I also missed the game.. all of the games. Me and Em were baby sitting and I was probably half-way through “the wheels on the bus” when the Irish goal went in. After the little guy had gone to bed I watched the classic movie “Back to the Future”. What a fantastic film that is. Who can forget Dr. Emmett L Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and his classic “1.21 GIGAWATTS!!?” line? Ahh.. I remember that sound track too. Who’d think that movie is over 20 years old huh ? I remember listening to “The Power Of Love” by Huey Lewis & The News on my walkman (it was one of those Saisho walkmans that only did “play” and “forward”).

Anyways.. following my blog post about Ikea the other day, it’s good to see some interesting new instructions, courtesy of SolarFlares.co.uk. I love it.. :) Check out SolarFlares.co.uk for more examples of “tweaked” Ikea instructions and some fantastic artwork. :)