What happened to my blog?

I had a great blog all written out on my Pocket PC y’know. It was a fantastically funny look at my life and it would’ve made you roll about laughing. One problem though. When I finished writing it, I placed the Pocket PC onto the charger and it froze… the whole screen stayed solid and the backlight wouldn’t go off. So I tried to turn it off… no joy there. Hmm.. let’s try taking the battery out, then putting it back in. Ah yes! That’s fixed it…

…or has it ?

No.. it’s lost everything now. I’m back to “brand new, straight out of the box Pocket PC” because, yet again, of the lack of persistant storage. AGHHH!!! All my files, my programs, now gone. Thank god this is fixed in Windows Mobile 5.0 .. what a crappy thing to do.. I’ve lost count of the amount of times this has happened to Pocket PC users. Just to make matters worse, you have to go through that “Click on the screen” thing at startup. You have to move that bloomin’ doctors appointment too. AGH! Talk about rubbing it in! I’ve just lost all my data, and now… now… now I’ve got to learn how to copy something by pressing and holding the stylus down… yes.. I KNOW !!!

Whilst I’m talking about stuff winding me up, I have to mention these things (right). Animated smileys ? No thanks. I’d rather take one of those IQ tests from one of the many other pop-ups around the net.