Bird flu my arse!

I was out shoppping yesterday in Morrisons. As I got to the checkouts I noticed that the queues there were really long, so I got in the “you’re obviously on your lunch break”-queue (i.e. 9 items or less) and waited. At that point some elderly bloke sneezed all over me. I’m not kidding – this was like a really bad shower. The guy behind him decided to say..

“Excuse me, I hope that’s not bird flu you have.”

He was actually being serious. Agh!! People read far too many newspapers ! What happened to the “stiff upper lip” and the “Great” in Great Britain ? Why is it that it only takes a few rumours or a quick broadcast to cause mahem (hello to those in Birmingham) ? One bloomin’ parrot was diagnosed as having bird flu at Heathrow airport – and that was in quarantine!

This (right) is the first reported case of bird flu in Paris.

Pandemic.. PaNdEMIc?! I’m alright Jack.. I haven’t got any pans…