Clocks, Houses and Top Gear

A short blog to tell you al that the clocks go back early in the morning, so Europe and the USA get an extra hour in bed. Back to GMT for me – no more British Summer Time. It’s dark, cold and wet here in the UK. Booo!!! Still, this is when TV ratings (and gas bills, thanks Scottish Power) go up. The lady to your right is Sarah Beeny. She’s back again with the Channel 4 show “Property Ladder” which always tends to get good ratings.. At first this seems strange. The show itself is actually merely following some clueless fool who’s endlessly ploughing money into a property in order to develop it and rent for the cost of a small car every month. Boring you’d think. Yes? Well, maybe it’d appeal to some women like to know what decor would suit a house at least. So why then have the viewing figures gone through the roof for this show? Why do so many men also watch this?

Well, I’ll tell you. Sarah Beeny has an ace up her sleeve. Actually no, she has two giant aces up her sleeves. They’re huge. They’re so big that Channel 4 have given her another show in addition to Property Ladder to fit them in. If you stil don’t understand, here’s a shot of her doing her stuff..

Yes, she’s got a huge pair of norks. They’re collosal. An excellent website called has done some funny videos featuring Ms Beeny here, here and here. There’s stacks of husbands and boyfriends out there in the following situation every Tuesday night…

Bloke – “Oh love, come on, let me have the remote – you watch sh*te.”

Bird – “No, I’m watching my property development show so that I can get ideas about curtains and fabrics.”

Bloke – “Balls!”

(Show starts)

Bird – “Oh, I’ve seen this one, shall we turn it over?”

Bloke – “Ermm.. no love, it’s err… quite entertaining actually.”

There’s a couple more photos of Sarah Beeny here and here that I found while trying to find a picture to include in this story. Blimey!

Oh, I’d also like to recommend. You may remember that earlier in the week I mentioned the Mercedes SLR. Well, I’d like to recommend the McLaren Mercedes SLR website here which has a special sub-site for the car and a rather splendid video too. If only eh!? Oh and that reminds me. Top Gear is coming back to BBC2 on November 13!