Moyles, you big fat DJ!

Waking up in the dark, cold Autumn mornings and dragging yourself off to work isn’t much fun. The last thing I wanted to do this morning was get out of our warm, cosy, soft bed and walk around a freezing cold house at 7AM. Putting the ever-excellent Chris Moyles on definitely helped the day start off well. I’ve been listening to him since he did a show on Signal Radio – a local tin-pot radio station in Stoke. At the time Signal Radio was pretty aweful, as most local radio stations are …… y’know the type, double glazing adverts every 8 minutes, 2 songs, an irritating DJ telling you about a competition involving some boy band, then more adverts, then the same two tunes again and again. Signal Radio employed Chris Moyles and then sacked him shortly after mainly because he has an inability to stick to “the format”. His evening shows on Signal were excellent. I remember vividly how he put some dire boy-band tune on (one that had been played on the station every 30 minutes for around 2 weeks). After about 2 minutes it stopped. He came back on the mic shouting..

“AGHH!!! My god haven’t we heard this crap eNoUgH ?! I’ve had enough – I’m gonna make sure that NO other DJ can play this.”

He then proceeded to smash it up, live on air. Shortly after, when Chris continually failed to do “the stuff other DJ’s do, Signal Radio sacked him. He was then picked up – a few months later – by Capital Radio in London and then onto BBC Radio 1, which now broadcasts via Sirius in the USA. Yes, you an actually listen to the Chris Moyles Breakfast show driving to work in Ohio or Seattle. Amazing.

Anyway, I’m rambling.. This morning (Thursday) he did one of his old tricks and refused to stick to the playlist, which usually contains “hot new tunes”. Nowadays he can do this – he’s single-handedly turned the listening figures around and attracts more than 7 million people. So he can do stuff like this with confidence. He decided to ignore the producer – Rachel – and play the excellent (but old) “Step On” by the Happy Mondays.. what an excellent tune to drive to work to! She told him time and time again, “No, I’m not letting you play it”, yet he still goes ahead. This is what makes his show good – apart from the lack of adverts, the excellent music and comedy – and the BBC should continue to allow him to break the rules every now and then. Have a listen to this mornings’ example of his show, then you may understand what I’m going on about. :)

Oh! And it’s also good to read that my car is number 2 in the TopGear survey ! It still doesn’t make it totally perfect though, as it’s still possible to break one.