Saturday Afternoon – Walsall

I’ve already told you about our Saturday morning adventure in Brownhills, so I thought I’d tell you about what we did in the afternoon too. I was going to put this all in one blog but to be honest there’s just too much material.

We popped into Walsall after visiting Brownhills Market and decided to go to Debenhams for a few last-minute Christmas gifts. As we were getting hungry by this stage we went into the Debenhams Cafe for a bite to eat. After getting a toasted sandwich and some tea / coffee we sat down and Emily noticed this couple a few tables away from us…

I took this snap on my phone because Emily noticed something. It wasn’t about the couple themselves, even though the guy on the left was fairly chunky and had a mohican. He was holding hands with his missus across the table and they were making the most of a cup of tea. However, Emily had noticed that they had something in the pushchair just to the left of them… I took another shot to try and see it… Can you spot it ?

In the pushchair you’d normally expect to see some milk or a drink for the baby. This particular pushchair had a special holder in the handle for a bottle. However as you can see above, this guy had decided to put his can of Carling in the pushchair instead!

Yes, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon this guy thought it’d be great to wander around Debenhams supping beer. Sure, I know that shopping isn’t exactly my favourite thing either, but I doubt I’d use my childs pushchair as a mobile bar!