A bad night…

Every morning I have to get up at about 7.30 to go to work. It’s dark, cold and wet. I go outside and spend time de-icing the car, then even more time battling huge 4×4 vehicles doing the half-mile school run. The winter isn’t fun – especially when we’ve had to put our regular winter holiday on ice (geddit?) to save for the wedding. So the morning isn’t my best time, and I don’t usually get to bed until 1AM so I try and leave it as late as possible to get up.

Sleep is great, but I had one of those horrible things happen to me last night. I hated it, so I thought I’d share my pain…

There I was, deep in slumber – when suddenly I felt the need to pee. Up I get in the pitch black, stumbling my way around in the middle of the night. I stubbed my toe on the way to the bathroom but somehow managed to stop shouting, “F***CCCCCKKK!!!” and wake the neighbourhood up.

The only thing keeping me sane was the promise of a lovely warm bed, so back I plodded and got settled. I thought I’d just check my phone to see what time it was – just to see how many blissful hours of sleep I had left….



How annoying. It wasn’t 4am as I’d hoped, it was in fact time to get up. To make matters worse my alarm went off just seconds afterwards…


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