Hosted where!?

I’ve taken to reading this blog from Jason Calacanis. It’s all about him and / etc. His most recent blog post mentions the problems he was having with uptime on

“We’ve had two long, frustrating years of servers going down.”

..he says. Now let’s start from the top – I’ve had a rough week myself but I’ve never had a server fail. Granted they’ve got far more traffic than we have (far, far, far more), but having servers fail for 2 years? That’s a bit mad.

“The truth is Brian and I have just never been good at keeping servers up for whatever reason. Part of this was we used Microsoft server software not Linux (we’ve since made the switch)”

We’re based on Linux too, primarily because we use PHP / MySQL and I know a lot more about Linux servers than Windows servers.

“This is all thanks to the hard work of Brian’s team–including Gavin, Alex, and 394 people at AOL’s server farm. They really did it…. we stayed up, and we were fast–like Google fast!”

AOL? AOL? Yes, both and are hosted off AOL servers as part of the reported $25 million deal that was struck when AOL bought Jasons’ empire. So, was the reason for the sale to ensure stability? Or was it for the $25 million ? Hmmmmmmmmm…. ;)

Link – Jason Calacanis Blog