Crazy Frog Spoof

Now that (hopefully) the Crazy Frog epidemic is over and we’re left with hideously bad rip-offs of catchphrases and comedy shows by two-bit impressionists, it’s with a clear conscience that I post this spoof of “the frog”. It’s actually Jeb from the guys at who say of the video…

“Consider it an ‘homage’, or we could just be taking the piss, either way, it was inevitable: Jeb Does Crazy Frog.

This movie has now been picked up by Cobra Beer and re-cut as bumpers for their sponsorship of movies on ITV2, 3 & 4.”

What an absolutely excellent bit of 3D animation…. could do with your help to keep their work online (see more of what they do here), so be sure to pay a visit and give them a few quid.

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