Laptop problem..

I use my laptop pretty much every day to run this site and, after lugging it around with me pretty much everywhere for the last 4 years, it’s showing some battle damage. I’ve got a Sony PCG-GRX616SP. It’s.. well, huge. It’s sold as a “desktop replacement laptop” and it shows. The 16 inch screen means that the footprint is massive and when I read this review some years ago I ignored the bit that said, “it’s clearly not meant to be moved around much”.

End result ? I’ve knackered it up. The flappy port thing on the back has fell off, the battery lasts around 3 minutes without power, the DVD drive ejects when it feels like it and the graphics card needs a bang now and again to stop the screen going all funny. Surprisingly I can cope with all that – it’s a powerful machine and I see no reason to swap it for another laptop. Well, until today. Today the power port on the laptop itself fell apart and now I have two “prongs” where the central power poll should be. So now I’m having to wiggle the power lead to keep the lappy working and I can’t move it.. at all. So, I’m a bit desperate here. If anyone out there has a docking station / port replicator for this that they’d like to donate could you email me ? I’m also looking for speedy laptop repair people in Staffordshire (preferably Stafford / Keele way) who could replace the power socket on the lappy. Either that or if anyone wants to donate a fairly powerful laptop (I can advertise your laptop shop if you want?) Seriously, I’m a bit stuck.