My carpet glows!

Y’know those lights in the aisles of planes that show you to the exit doors ? Well, here’s something similar for your house. This is carpet that…err… glows… a lot. In fact, it all glows, not just the edge but all of it. It doesn’t need electricity or batteries and works in a similar way to the “glow in the dark” numbers on alarm clocks.

I guess it’ll save on electricity – you can turn all the lights off in your house and walk around with an eerie green glow underneath you.

This is Annike Laigo, who made this carpet… find her site here. She’s from Estonia.. I’m guessing there’s not many light bulbs there…

The major advantage it of course does have is that you can find your way to the toilet in the middle of the night without walking into doors / cupboards / wardrobes etc. I guess you could also use it as a way to get girls too.. Can you imagine it…

“Why don’t you come in and see my glowing carpet?”

“But I can’t see it glowing..”

“Hold on, I’ll just turn all the lights off..”


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