A blonde "moment" ?

A doubt I should write this blog really as this girl is probably seeking as much media attention as possible. Here’s Donna Marie Maddock – she is, without doubt, the finest example of a Chavette ever. (For our international readers, check here for a description of what a Chav and Chavette is) Donna is 22 and lives in somewhere called “Mold” which, when you think about it, is quite fitting really.

Now, the BBC News story about Donna kinda glosses over what happened a bit. To start off with Donna shouldn’t have been driving at all. BBC News states that she was “already serving a 20-month driving ban, imposed last week”.. well no, she’s not really serving it is she? She’s completely ignoring it and driving around quite happily. So happily in fact that she decided to take both hands off the wheel (although she states she still had one hand on the wheel) and apply her make-up whilst looking into the rear-view mirror. Oh, and let’s not forget that she was trying to negotiate the A499 in north Wales, which is said to be one of the most dangerous roads in Britain. Unfortunately a police “Arrive Alive” anti-speeding van with a camera caught her as she was putting on her eyeliner.

“I must have looked like Penelope Pitstop driving along slapping the make-up on, but it’s something all women do – I can’t see what the fuss is about”, said Donna. Errmmm… Let’s just check that out shall we? Does she really look like Penelope Pitstop ? Does she ?


Heeeellppp !!! Heeeelllp!!! Well, it’s so hard to tell them apart isn’t it ? To be honest, you get the impression that Donna probably still watches cartoons like this even today.

Donna was travelling through Wales in order to see her now not-so-secret lover who’s living with his girlfriend and also has a child. Hmm.. Wait – let me just go over that again to see if I’ve got that right. She was making an hour-and-a-half journey across Wales to see some guy, who lives with a girlfriend and their child. Hmm.. he’s got his cake and he’s eating it isn’t he? She’s prepared to drive half-way across Wales to see him, he has his bit on the side, then she drives all the way back again! Blimey! I have more trouble trying to get my better half to pick me up from the pub 2 miles down the road!!

But wait.. it gets even worse. It turns out that she’s been seeing this guy for a year and yet somehow she still believes that he’s the one for her. Listen love, it ain’t gonna happen. He’s never gonna leave his missus and you’re being used. Face it.

But wait… No.. Can it ? Yes it can.. it gets even worse than that. The “lovely” Donna has posed for a calendar called “Chav Babes” … Here she is in all her.. errmmm.. glory I guess…

Hellp!!! Helllppp!!!

Do you know what though? Yes, she goes and makes herself look even stupider (I’m sure that is a word) by selling her story to The Sun newspaper. She told them,