Doctor, Doctor?

I’ll try not to slate the NHS (National Health Service) too much here, as I’m well aware how hard NHS staff work. However, I can’t help feeling a bit narked off when I call my local surgery for an appointment..

Me- “I’d like to see my doctor please”

Them- “You’ve got to call before 9AM to book an appointment Sir”

Me- “Oh, do I? Sorry, I haven’t seen the Doc for a while, I wasn’t aware. It’s only 9.15 though, can you squeeze me in?”

Them- “No, I’m sorry. You’ve got to call before 9AM to book an appointment”

Me- “So you can’t do anything, he’s booked up all day?”

Them- “Well, is it serious?”

Me- “I honestly don’t know, that’s what I need the Doctor for really.”

Them- “Do you have any symptoms?”

Me- “I’d like to discuss those with him, this is really what I’d like the appointment for?”

In the end I got no-where. I hate to say it, but I got the feeling that I had to tell some receptionist – who I’m sure is lovely and great at her job – all about my reasons for wanting to see the Doctor before I could see him. I may be wrong, but does she have the necessary qualifications to deem that I can get seen as an “emergency”.

Somehow I felt that even if I’d said, “I’ve had my arm ripped off by the dog next door”, she’d still say….

“You’ve got to call before 9AM to book an appointment”