Wembley problems

We’ve all heard of the numerous problems with the spangly new Wembley Stadium (like the tube station being delayed, sewer problems, beams slipping off etc). This weekend however I had a bit of a brainwave after driving past a huge housing development which has appeared on top of an recently closed mine shaft at Littleton Colliery in Cannock / Huntington.

It wasn’t the fact that the houses, all three stories high (as they tend to be now-adays as land is at a premium), were plonked right on top of a mine shaft. No – it was the fact that they’ve been built in a matter of days it would seem. Not one or two, but a whole street seems to have shot out of the ground – with the steet itself growing out of nowhere too. Amazing.

Go on, ask anyone. Housing estates appear quicker than ever. Those guys from “Fresh Space” are a good example. They’ll find a tiny piece of land and then, whilst you’re asleep, 20 flats have been built. It’s no joke! I’ve seen it myself, an old garage next to a train station gets knocked down then all of a sudden you’ve got a four-storey building called, “Platform 1” with “contemporary living space” plastered all over it. There’s several others like them. They’ll buy someones’ bungalow, knock it down, then three or four houses will appear in its place. How’s it done? No-one knows, it’s some sort of wizardry. However, it’s hard to spot that those new houses seem to have windows and doors that are about half a metre smaller than everyone elses..

So, to sum up, solve the Wembley problem by chucking a big load of housing developers at it. Problem solved.

Image right from Warrens-anus.co.uk