Bullseye is back and it’s fantastic!

After watching a few seconds of the absolutely terrible Saturday evening TV show, “An Evening With Coronation Street” and suffering yet more “Top 50 Best Ever”-something-or-other shows I’ve had enough. No more dance shows. No more flippin’ talent shows, no more reality shows!

But wait… I’ve found the replacement. I’ve found a TV show that’s just started on Challenge TV here in the UK and should, if I had my way, be on a major TV network like ITV1. The programme ? It’s the all new “Bullseye”.

Some wizard has chosen northern comedian Dave Spikey – co-writer and co-star of “Phoenix Nights” – to present the show. The original had Jim Bowen presenting a bunch of ordinary, hard-working people playing a game they love – darts. Even now, in the new series there’s still people who love to attend Wigan Road Working Mens club. The new show isn’t glossy by any stretch of the imagination, sure it’s got a new set and the audience aren’t wearing 1970’s or 80’s clothes any more but it still has that, “slightly unpolished” feel. The audience don’t clap in the right place, there’s the odd awkard pause, all the prizes are sponsored by websites and they’re virtually the same.. but heck, this is fantastic TV. It’s on every night at 8.30pm and 10pm on Challenge TV but.. please, if there’s some TV boss out there who’s thinking, “Man, our Saturday evening viewing figures are pants!”, just put this on – trust me, you’ll be raking in the money.

Check out this trailer .. :)

To learn more about this whole Bullseye thing, click here !