How to get out of a speeding ticket – not!

There’s a couple of very interesting stories in the news today, albeit a little weird. First up we have the case of this guy who, for some reason, thought he could get out of a speeding fine by ripping down a 40mph speed limit sign and then attaching it onto a lamppost in the 30mph zone where he was snapped on a speed camera.

Unfortunately the cops got wise to his trick when they drafted in “facial mapping experts” to study marks on the sign in order to find out who’d put it there. According to this Sky News article John Hopwood moved the sign from after he was caught speeding twice in two days. After attaching the 40mph sign he took a photo to prove that his second offence (41mph in a 30mph zone) was closer to the limit and therefore shouldn’t be prosecuted. Unfortunately things backfired badly for him when concerned motorists began to call in about the new 40mph sign that had suddenly appeared.

Now, to be honest with you this guy had a fairly decent plan up to this point. He’s facing the loss of his licence, so he goes to some quite extraordinary lengths to fix the problem. However his idea falls down quite badly here because the idiot left the sign up there. I mean! Surely you’d take it down after taking the photo yeah ? Not that I’m condoning his actions of course.. :)

I also spotted this other story about a Geordie who suffered a stroke. Poor Mrs Lynda Walker awoke from her coma however speaking like a Jamaican islander. It’s apparently a recognised condition too, being called the “foreign accent syndrome”.

How weird is that eh ? Of course the good ‘ole BBC have an interview of her (click “Watch the interview”) complete with the news anchors laughing at her accent. Nice huh ? :)

Oh, and one last thing – what were the Beeb thinking when they put this online? Surely wearing predominantly white cloaks isn’t such a brilliant idea ??