MySpace TooSpace HotSpace

The British people are a weird bunch. If it snows then we’ll all say, “Oohh, it’s too cold”. If it’s a bit warm – like now – people will say, “Oooo, it’s too hot” ! You just can’t win. We’re not alone though because in Los Angeles there’s a heatwave too. It’s got so bad that the mighty MySpace recently went offline … due to the heat. The world’s most popular networking website came back online after being down for more than half a day without power. The guys blamed the record-breaking heat in Los Angeles – home of the web servers MySpace rely on.

To be honest it sounds like the servers are held together with bits of string and cooled by fresh air to me. How the heck can a data centre rely on direct power from the mains without any redundancy ? According to news reports power was lost for several hours – surely one of the worlds largest websites had a few cans of diesel for the generator ? Also, where’s the mirroring ? It’s almost as if the whole site is hosted from some box in the MySpace offices without any backup generators or air-con to me!

(Note to self – you went a bit geeky there. You were talking about servers and redundancy and stuff – that’s work-related boring stuff.)

Link – BBC