They’re gonna taste grea-ate..

Here in the UK we’ve got a breakfast cereal called “Frosties”. I used to eat this stuff as a kid. They’re basically cornflakes caked in huge quantities of sugar. I think my mom tried to get me off them by buying regular cornflakes but I merely poured half a tonne of sugar on to get that Frosties “kick”.

Anyhow. Kelloggs, the makers, decided to make a new commercial for this sugar-rush breakfast cereal. You may be one of the many thousands who’ve been annoyed by this singing kid between programmes. Yes, he’s the one that says, “They’re gonna taste grea-ate, they’re gonna taste grea-ate, they’re gonna taste grea-ate”.

Annoying. So, so annoying.

Great news then that Weebl has made his own version of this advert, which is much better. :)

Link – Weebl’s Stuff