New TV

Recently we bought a new TV. When we were looking for TV’s it was quite surprising to see widescreen CRT (“regular size”) TV’s shoved into the “bargain basement” corner of most electrical stores. It’s amazing how quickly technology moves on and now, in todays world, LCD is the TV of choice or – if you want a king size “cinema screen” jobby then plasma is the way forward.

My neighbour has a plasma TV. He lives around 10 doors away from us but his TV is so huge that I can see what he’s watching from here. Sometimes that’s quite useful, especially if you’re watching one channel and waiting for a programme on another channel to start – you simply look out the window and wait for the adverts to finish on his TV.

So, we took delivery of our Samsung LCD TV. I’ll confess to spending the past 4 days fiddling with every control possible. There’s movie modes, dynamic modes, DNIe, Digital NR, PIP, SRS TSXT and much more. Hell knows what half of it does but heck….it sounds good. After 4 days I think I’ve finally got the settings right. RGB mode on, sharpness down to zero, contrast at 100% and the sound is finally OK.

People say, “Wow! Get HD!” but I really can’t be arsed. Surely if it was all that good Sky wouldn’t be charging me an extra 20-odd quid per month for the privilege of watching the odd Sky One show in High Def. Yes, yes, I’m sure it’s great and now I have a TV which will actually display a HD picture, but for now I’m simply happy that the TV takes up a whole lot less of the lounge than it previously did.