Traffic Cops

I’m watching “Traffic Cops” at the minute. It’s all about the work of the police who monitor our roads and the people driving on it. During the recent years each series has allowed us to see the cops in action and it also gives the Traffic Cops themselves a chance to talk about their job. This week it’s the turn of the Cheshire Police traffic police who yet again tell us of the declining numbers of traffic police. There’s a lot less police traffic police now than ever before and those who are left are now answering 999 calls of all varieties like domestic disturbances etc. The same comment is echoed by police on each and every series which is broadcast and it’s getting worse. The result is a lot more accidents caused by dangerous driving, drink driving and speeding.

For me I now very rarely see any police on my drive to work. I travel 3 or 4 junctions up the M6 daily and I may possibly see one police car every other month. Sure, there’s unmarked cars which I don’t see, but the sheer amount of dangerous driving on the M6 is unbelievable and on the rise. Nose-to-tail driving, cars doing 95-100 in the outside lane and not pulling in even when other lanes are clear – I see this happen two or three times a week. Drunk drivers too, like the guy who was bouncing off the kerb last night when I was in the taxi on the way home. All of these people are missed by the speed cameras which are rapidly taking over from the cops.

Who’s doing this? Who’s cutting police numbers and putting these volunteer officers (Special Constables) and these “community officers” into towns ? The Government will always tell you that police numbers are on the rise, however in reality they’re probably just Special Constables or Community Officers. Meanwhile more and more people are allowed to drive around without tax, driving licences, MOT’s or insurance while the rest of us get snapped by speed cameras.

Dropping traffic cop numbers JUST because speed cameras are everywhere is severely wrong and needs to be reversed. I can’t remember the last time I saw a police officer on patrol and it’s worrying.