Boom! Speed camera gets blown to bits

You’ve got to feel sorry for this guy. This is Craig Moore. One day he was driving along when he got snapped by a speed camera travelling over the speed limit. He’d already got lots of penalty points so, after getting “flashed” by a speed camera, he knew it meant a driving ban. He believed that once the evidence was collected he’d be unable to drive to work or support his family.. he took drastic action..

..his job involved working on the railways and he used something called Thermite – an explosive used in welding – to blow the camera to bits. After getting the Thermite he drove all the way back to the offending camera – some 40 miles away – and blew it up. Here’s what’s left of it…

Unfortunately for Craig Moore it didn’t quite work. Although it caused 11,700 worth of damage the camera was actually a “dummy” and only flashed speeders to encourage them to slow down. However, also inside the box was a set of CCTV cameras which captured Craig driving his van up to it and causing the damage.

These CCTV cameras relayed images back and his registration plate was traced. Before long Craig was traced and has now been stuffed in jail by a judge. :(

Ironically, if he’d left the camera alone, he would still be a free man and driving around today. :(

Link and more pics – Sky News