Robbie – Get Jonny Wilkes off!

Hmm.. Emily is in Canada tonight so I’m sat at home. The only thing that appears to be on TV is the Robbie Williams Concert from Leeds.

Now, I don’t mind Robbie. He’s a good lad and a great entertainer. Some of his songs are real crackers and I’ll not shy away from singing along to them in the car if they’re on the radio.

But… Jonny Wilkes…. Yes, we know he’s your best mate Robbie, but for gawds sake get him off the stage. We don’t want to spend half an hour watching him hugging you, smacking your arse and singing along with you. Let’s face it, he presented “You’ve Been Framed” for about 5 episodes, then he vanished into the crappy “I’m a celebrity, get me on any old crappy TV celeb show” void.

Robbie is a great entertainer, but he shouldn’t be bringing a mate on stage to sing along with 3 or 4 songs just to help his career.