At last ! After months I have the perfect picture!

A few months back we bought a new flashy Samsung LCD TV. It’s a Samsung LE32R74BDX and has a brilliant picture…well, I lie… it has a brilliant picture now, after almost 3 months of twiddling with it and Googling.

The best picture, for those of you who have one, is done in one of two ways. Firstly, either use the “PAL” mode on your Sky box to output a picture which the Samsung can filter, or do it my way.

Firstly output the picture in RGB mode, use a SCART cable if you want to input the picture into the appropriate RGB SCART on your TV. Next, change the picture settings as follows…

Contrast up full (100), Brightness 50, Sharpness 35, Colour at about 55, Colour mode at “Cool 1” and turn off al the Digital NR stuff.

The only other thing that constantly annoyed me was a picture flicker. It drove me mad but, after reading this review, I found that I wasn’t the only one. It’s something called “Dynamic Dimming” and you have to actually access it via the system / installation menu which most people have never seen. Oh, and then put the energy saving onto “low” to compensate slightly.

Moral of the story ? Expect a helluva lot of twiddling if you’re going to buy this TV. It’s worth it in the end though, this really has one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen. Top notch. :)