Jesus on E’s

Oh my good grief. The internet is a wonderful place. Way back when I was first starting with computers (I’m

going to show my age now) I started playing about with a Spectrum, then I moved onto the Amiga A500. If you ever

had an Amiga you will no doubt remember the “PD” or “Public Domain” disks that were sold for a couple of quid in

“Amiga Magazine” etc. In fact, I even released a PD title myself called “ZAM” – the Zircon Amiga Magazine. If

anyone out there still has a copy, let me know! Anyhow, the main reason behind PD was to show what the Amiga

could do – the graphic and sound capability seemed out-of-this-world at the time so “demos” would be released to

push your Amiga to the limit. One demo stood out from the rest – it was called “Jesus On E’s”. This demo below

everything out of the water at the time and had some fantastic graphics and a thumping dance tune which, at the time, was like nothing anybody had ever seen.

Thanks to the internet it’s now back for all to see – without the need for floppy disks…