The Nigerian email trick – people are still falling prey

Cast your mind back a few months and you may remember how I purposefully replied to a Nigerian scam to show just how well planned and nasty they can get. I kept the whole thing running for several weeks and we received certificates and pictures of cash in huge chests via email.

It’s all a big con of course, with people in Nigeria sending off emails via internet cafes’ promising millions in cash just by “helping” them to “release funds”. Unfortunately the UK authorities haven’t been taking the whole issue that seriously and – although most of the scams coming from Nigeria are targeting the UK – not much action has been taken. New research now suggests that there’s “a large and pressing problem” and that the average losses per victim are a staggering 30,000! It’s also stated that the “fee frauds” – where a Nigerian fraudster will ask for various “fees” to release money – cost the UK economy 150 million per year.

This is a huge problem and there’s many internet users out there who will still fall prey to the fraud due to a lack of knowledge. It’s worth telling any friend or relative about this story or pointing them to our expos