Highway robbery – M6 Toll style

I’ve spoken about the M6 Toll before. I live about 2 miles from T6 and we’ve got one of the M6 Toll Tags in the car and both Emily and I use the road. I usually use it if I’m late for work and Emily uses it to get to Birmingham Airport quickly. Although it is strictly a luxury, the traffic in the Midlands can be a nightmare at times so you simply don’t have a choice.

Today they’ve announced that they’re putting their prices up yet again. It’ll now cost 4 to go through the main plaza for cars and 3 for “local” toll plazas. Luckily I only use it once or twice a week if I get up late or get stuck in local traffic, however it’s now almost double the cost compared to when the motorway was opened. What a bunch of money-grabbing highway robbing dogs. Gawd they get on my tits.