The Christmas Ambulance

Just before dinner I was busy downloading some incredibly cheap albums from (about 40p for a whole album and apparently it’s legal too!) … then my belly started rumbling. It was time to come up with a culinary masterpiece for us both…………errrr… chips it was then.

On my way to the chippy I stopped at a junction. As I waited I spotted something I’d seen in the local paper –

the Santa Ambulance.

Perhaps I should explain. See, for some reason every year we have a Santa riding

around in some sort of vehicle to meet the local kiddies and give out gifts. Usually it’s some sort of trailer

with tinsel and festive music. This year however the charity behind this operation has been given an old

ambulance as a donation, so they’ve used that.

Yes, an ambulance.

To try and make the ambulance look less “ambulance-like” they’ve painted it…… black.

Yes, you heard right…. black. An ambulance – a BLACK ambulance. It looks like some twisted A-Team reject vehicle.

I can only guess that they’ve then realised that this colour isn’t particularly festive as they’ve attached

some “mobile DJ”-style rope-lights to it in a vein attempt to make it look Christmassy. Sweet lord, what a site it is. I was sat at the junction watching it slowly chug by – a blacked-out ambulance

with twinkling rope lights hanging off the side. As it passed I could see santa sat with his back against the rear doors looking like a drunken bum who’s had a bad night out. I’ve never seen anything so hilarious in all my life.

Here’s a shot of it from the local paper ….