Top Gear return date set ! Yay!!

It’s the run up to Christmas. I’m running around doing a million different things and yet I feel as if I’m not achieving much. The CoolSmartPhone cat – our cat – is costing hundreds per week in vet bills, we’re busy buying and wrapping presents, writing cards, putting lights and a Christmas tree up, working on the site, working at work… fitting everything is proving an interesting and tricky daily task.

Christmas is on the way though – relaxation, food, drink and the whole festive vibe. It’s all good – but what about afterwards? I know I shouldn’t really be thinking about it, but January is always a tiring and long month – you’re skint, it’s freezing, you’ve got a cold, there’s sales at shops everywhere selling stuff for 50% less than you’re buying it for now and.. there’s nothing on TV.

.. but wait… there’s good news…

In September Richard Hammond, one of the presenters of Top Gear, had a rather bad accident and was taken into hospital. Filming of the world-famous car show was halted and nobody knew whether it would come back… well it is… The Top Gear Awards signalled the start of the new series. “Hamster” (as he’s affectionately known) was there and helped give out some of the awards which are to be filmed for the show. The big news is that the show will return on Sunday, January 28th at 8pm on BBC2 – something to surely light up those cold January nights! Wehay!!!

Oh, oh, oh! I’m glad to say that they’ve given the award for “Small Car of the Year” to the Mini Cooper S. Emily has one of these and I take great delight in pinching it whenever I can. I absolutely love her car – the whirring supercharger pushes you around town like a rocket and the cornering lets’ you dodge in and out of traffic with ease. Top car! Love it, love it, love it! Check out the video of the award here.