Christmas drivers

Honestly, people are insane at this time of year. Mostly it’s when they’re driving – last night I was coming up to a roundabout in the fog when, out of no-where, some brake lights appeared in front of me. The car then moved onto the roundabout, indicating right, then turned left, almost into me. It was then I realised that he had NO BLOODY LIGHTS ON!

But the worst was yet to come – he had the cheek to FLASH HIS LIGHTS at me!

Dozy bugger.

A similar thing happened this morning. I reckon everyone is either drunk or hung over from their Christmas parties. One guy almost knocked me off a roundabout and another tried to pull out in front of me .. he had no lights on either and it was still foggy!


I’m going to make a new rule up. I reckon if you’re on a dual carriageway and you think that anything above 40mph is “too fast” then you should be banned straight away. End of.