Can I run a car website instead?

Next week marks the start of CES – a trade show featuring all the latest technology and consumer gear. It’ll no doubt feature some pretty interesting announcements in the Windows Mobile world.

Sometimes though, just sometimes, I wish I could run a website about cars. Sure, we get to play with some of the latest mobile phones and talk with some pretty damned interesting people about the future of phones, applications, games and mobile solutions but ……. somehow I wish I could be in Detroit right now covering the Auto Show.

A new car which is being kept tightly under wraps is the Lexus IS-F. It’s based on the IS 250 Sport but with a V8 4.3 litre engine wedged in to pump out over 400bhp. Hohooo baby! Gimme! So far this is all we can see of the car – the press conference is on Monday morning at 11.25 EST. This is a potential BMW M3 beater .. all I need now is a few grand read for next year when it comes out! Errr…. That could be a problem, so should anyone from Lexus be reading this and be willing to let me … err.. test the bluetooth facility of the car kit in the new IS-F then I’d be more than happy to oblige. ;)