My new car – the Lexus IS-F in the flesh

Meet my new car, the Lexus IS-F. OK, so maybe I lied. I can’t afford this but someday, hopefully, when they’ve come down in price I’ll get one.

Unveiled just minutes ago at the Detroit Motor Show this is set to go head-to-head with BMW’s M3 and Audi’s RS4. It’s got a whopping 5 litre V8 engine developing more than 400hp with 350lb/ft of torque.

There’s an 8 speed gearbox and flappy-paddle gear change letting you slip through the gears in a tenth of a second. It’s also an inch lower than the normal IS-250 and comes with aluminum trim and a a quad exhaust outlet plus racing seats.

Ooooofffffff!!!!!!!! Gimme!!! :)