Gemma Atkinson – There IS something worth watching on TV!

Everything on TV at the moment is absolutely arse, Soapstar Superstar on ITV1 is yet another example. It’s more of the same bilge following the same crappy recipe as many other TV shows. On Channel 4 they’ve got some Z-rated celebrities (except Face Man from the A-Team, he’s DA MAIN MAN!), on BBC1 they’re doing some crappy karaoke contest and, back on ITV1 there’s Soapstar Superstar with that oh-so-familiar format – people are wheeled out, they do something crap, then you call some premium rate number to vote them in or out of the competition… as if anyone cares… I wish we had “Z-List Celebrities Getting Drunk and Punching Each Other In the Jungle” instead..

It almost makes me want to turn the TV off… I say almost because Gemma Atkinson is in Soapstar Superstar. As you can see by this forum post, I’m not the only one who tends to watch Gemma on ITV1. This video (not really safe for work) is further reason why you should leave your TV on. Gemma has been in Channel 4’s “Hollyoaks” for years but she’s a model… woahaaaa.. and what a model!!

Keep her in the show !!! She’s the only decent thing on TV right now (although I must agree with Chris Moyles when he says she talks a bit like a bloke) ;)