I’ve just been overtaken by a plane!

Here’s a guy who you don’t want at the controls on your next flight to Ibiza. A pensioner landing his plane recently mistook a road for the runway. The 68-year-old un-named man was a very experienced private pilot who had more than 1000 hours flying time.

The Air Accidents Investigation reported….

“When close to touchdown, the pilot noticed that the airfield was different from what he remembered.”

“Shortly after touching down, the aircraft ran over a speed bump which caused it to veer left and leave the road.”

Oh dear. It turns out that, after he went over the speed bump, the left wing hit a tree whilst the right wing hit a lampost and snapped off. The pilot escaped unhurt.

I’m guessing that, after making his plane a little “narrower” he could’ve carried on driving up the road if he fancied…


Link – Sky News