So this morning I went to the Police station…

Yesterday, as you may remember, I got pulled over for dangerous driving.. and speeding. I’ve had a few emails since then, mostly advising what I “should” have said. :) It’s a little different when you’re actually stood at the side of the road being grilled by the police. You’re asked questions like this..

“Are you in a rush?”

Now, unless you say, “I’m a doctor and I’m on my way to an emergency” (and you really, really are a Doctor) then you’re screwed. If you answer, “Yes” then they will tell you that there’s still no reason for overtaking on the chevrons at (COUGH) mph.

If you say, “No” then, again you’ll get the same answer.

“Do you see yourself as a competent driver?”

Say “yes” and you’ll get the response, “Do competent drivers overtake like that after exiting a roundabout?”.

Answer “no” and they’ll look at my driving licence and find the 10+ years of driving experience.

Whatever you say, whatever you do, you’re screwed. Face it. At one point I was facing a charge of dangerous driving, speeding and failing to have any insurance (although I did, I just couldn’t think straight whilst being questioned).

So today I went to my local police station and showed all the various bits of paperwork. The guy behind the desk said, “Well, it’s a good job your own insurance lets your drive other vehicles. You got away with it by the skin of your teeth”.

So I should feel lucky really, however.. when I got home last night Emily told me something. Have a read of my next blog post for more.