A normal every day journey

So this morning I was on my way to work. It’s a journey I do quite a bit and sometimes you find yourself pulling into your allocated parking space without ever realising how you got there. It’s especially true in the morning – you’ll be in an almost day-dream-like state. Just follow the car in front, stop at the traffic lights, then move forward a bit and queue up at the roundabout, same thing every day.

This morning however, I wasn’t day-dreaming. It was just a normal every-day trip, but this time I looked about a bit more. I spotted..

1) Three cars, an Audi, BMW and Mercedes, all sat in the outside lane on the M6. The other lanes were empty, but for some reason they thought this was the “fast” lane so they all kept going – nose-to-tail. Not one of them moved over. It makes me want to change the “no undertaking” rule when I see stuff like this. Grrrr…

I could moan about the quality of driving shown by drivers of BMW’s, Audis and Mercs (Indicators? What indicators? Rules of the road? What are they?)

2) A guy reading a book on his steering wheel whilst negotiating the 40mph section in road works on the M6.

3) A lad aged about 11 with a chav cap on, heading into school at 9.10 (yes, I was late too, but I don’t wear Burberry cap). I can’t think what’s going through his head, “Man I look cool in this cap”. I don’t think so mate. You look like you’re heading for a career in hanging about outside the dole office / local courts in a tracksuit.

Hmm… I though this blog post would’ve been more interesting than it actually turned out to be. :)